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Starter VPS package

is ideal for beginners and for users who do not require a powerful server. It is ideal for Linux hosting and serving such applications like mail server with anti-spam, web-server and similar network applications.

Remember that with all our packages you are entitled to receive 10 days VPS trial fro only £5, when you can decide whether this package is what you need or maybe you need a more powerful one.

  • 10-day trial for just £5.
  • 99.5% uptime guarantee
  • Cheapest package around !
  • Great features !

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Starter VPS Print

You don't have to be a technological guru in order to run this server package. Just let us know what you wish to receive from your VPS service, and we'll make sure that service provision is smooth and is done to your specifications.

  • 1 Free dedicated IP Address
  • 512 MB of Dedicated RAM. We do not offer burstable RAM, which other providers do. Your RAM is always there and available to you.
  • 20 GB of Hard Drive space -enough to ensure that your web- or email- server has enough room to function properly
  • Dedicated control panel with all the details
  • No up-front payment, free no-strings attached VPS trial
  • Unlimited Bandwidth. Enjoy the freedom
  • Ability to create snapshots of current Virtual Machine state
  • Downloadable backup of your VM for off-site storage
  • Choice of Windows or Linux OS
  • Only £15 a month

What are you waiting for ? It is time to try !    



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