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Professional VPS

is great for users who require to run several applications at one time. Ideal for Hosted Exchange applications, web-servers and storage server applications.

Remember that with all our packages you are entitled to receive 10 days VPS trial for just £5, when you can decide whether this package is what you need or maybe you need a more powerful one.

  • 10-day trial for only £5.
  • 99.5% uptime guarantee
  • Most popular package
  • Great value for money

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Professional VPS Print

If your business requires to run multiple applications at once and it needs to be effective - choose this package. This is the most popular package that will provide you with great performance at a fraction of the cost.

  • 1 Free dedicated IP Address
  • 1 GB of Dedicated RAM. We do not offer burstable RAM, which other providers do. Your RAM is always there and available to you.
  • 40 GB of Hard Drive space -enough to ensure that your web- or email- server has enough room to function properly
  • Dedicated control panel with all the details that you require to know
  • No up-front payment, free no-strings attached VPS trial
  • Unlimited Bandwidth. Enjoy the freedom !
  • Ability to create snapshots of current Virtual Machine state
  • Downloadable backup of your VM for off-site storage
  • Choice of Windows or Linux OS
  • Only £25 a month

Unleash your potential and try it now !



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