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Below is the list of frequently asked questions:

1. Can I order the package without subscribing via Paypal ?

Unfortunately we get so many false orders, that subscription via Paypal signifies that you are a serious customer. This is the only way we can distinguish how genuine is the order.

2. How long is the minimum contract ?

We operate on the 30-days contract. You pay on a month by month basis. However you need to let us know 30 days in advance if you wish to cancel your service subscription, as we won't be able to re-imburse the costs.

3. Can I use Snapshots feature ?

Yes you can. Please use this wisely as we won't be held responsible for improper usage. Customers can benefit from 1 Free Snapshot at this time. Additional snapshots can be added.

4. What is your infrastructure?

We run powerful Dell Poweredge servers with redundant RAID arrays. We strive to provide the best hardware for the growing needs of our customers.

5. How reliable is the network ?

There are redundant links and the network is self healing, so there will be no problems with internet connection.

6. How fast is your internet connection

Various tests show that we have around 60 MBPs download and 20 MBPs upload speeds.

7. What OS types do you support ?

We support: Windows, Linux, FreeBSD.. and any other OS that can run under VMWare. If you're unsure - please contact us and we'll be able to provide appropriate advise.

8. I have lost/forgotten my username/password is there a way I can get this ?

Please use Forgot username/password link in the Customer login on the main page.

9. Do you provide backups ?

We can subscribe you to a monthly backup for your storage offsite.

10. Can you help me with existing VM migration from other Virtual Engine (e.g. Sun, Microsoft...)

Yes, however we cannot guarantee the timeframes of conversion between VM types.

11.  What are the payment options ?

We're currently using Paypal as our payment provider, so major cards and Paypal accounts are accepted.

12. Why is your website called Free VPS, when the services the you provide aren't free

We refer to this word as "Freedom" -our VPS/VM hosting services are "free" from unnecessary limitations. We provide you absolute and full control over your operating system, therefore you're free to use it for any reasonable purpose. We do also have a free trial and since many people are looking for free VPS hosting we decided to use this also as our advertising.

13. I have a question that isn't listed...

Please contact us using This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or the online contact form.


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