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Alan Harris
Date: Apr 17, 2010

Free VPS treated me like a good paying customer even after I told them I was a trial user. Thumbs up guys !

Customise your package

We have a variety of options you can choose for your VPS plan. You can also create a custom package for yourself.

  • Customize your RAM
  • Customize your HDD.
  • Modify the number of vCPUs.
  • Tailor your cost as required.
  • Add/remove features as you go

Customize now...

VMware Cloud Hosting UK, VPS & Application Hosting

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-5 minute setup
-Unlimited Bandwidth
-Office Applications
-Trading applications
-Access any website


We pride ourselves in providing solutions that help you to run and expand your business.

  • Application hosting -whether you have a network/web application that needs to be hosted -we can help. We also host Virtual appliances. Just provide us with the package or even name - and we'll make sure it is prepared and hosted for you in agreed time.
  • Existing Virtual Machine transfers - we can help to transfer your existing VM from Microsoft, SUN, VMWare or any other virtual environment. Please contact us for more information.
  • Selection of Operating systems - we're able to provide you with several operating systems free of charge. Windows XP SP2, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows Server 2003 R2. Selection available at registration





VMWare Virtual Machine Hosting UK and VPS Hosting services

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